Terms of Participation

By registering as a volunteer with Senior Gleaners of San Diego County and attending events that we sponsor, you are agreeing to the following terms of participation:

    1. The mission of Senior Gleaners of San Diego County is to recover fresh food in order to reduce waste, improve health, and provide reliable access to nutritious food for our neighbors in need. I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with that mission while attending Senior Gleaners of San Diego County sponsored events.
    2. I will complete an RSVP application: The application is a fillable form, but can't be submitted on-line. Instead, fill it out on your computer, print it off, then scan it and send the saved scan to: Myles.Field@sdcounty.ca.gov OR print off a blank form, write in your answers and send it to the address listed at the top of page 1. All Senior Gleaners volunteers must join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, a national organization supporting senior volunteers. You will receive a monthly newsletter with information helpful to seniors. Volunteers also receive supplemental insurance coverage while volunteering through the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program. The insurance pays expenses beyond costs not covered by your personal health or vehicle insurance for:
      • Your medical treatment.
      • Damage to private property, another vehicle or injury to another person. There is no coverage for damage to your vehicle.
    3. I will read and follow the guidelines in the Food Safety Policy (includes provisions for service animals).
    4. I will notify my crew leader in a timely manner if, after agreeing to attend a glean, I find that I am unable to attend.
    5. I will be punctual in arriving at gleans. Instructions are given by the glean leader when the glean is scheduled to start.