Can I bring my friend?

Yes! Existing volunteers are our best recruiters of new volunteers. Just be sure that they have completed the Guest Waiver, which they will take to the gleaning activity, which could be a glean, an outreach event or special assignment. Notify the crew leader or event coordinator in advance.

Do crews harvest only in the assigned geographic region?

When a crew is swamped with requests or has a huge property to glean, that crew leader often will ask members of other crews to help out. Each volunteer determines whether they can assist or not.

Has the fruit been sprayed with chemicals?

Sometimes. Our gleans take place at a wide variety of properties, from 20-acre orchards to urban backyards. We ask the property owner whether or not their crop has been sprayed. Your crew leader can provide that information.

I completed the Volunteer Registration Form. Am I signed up for gleaning?

Almost. Did you complete and mail the RSVP application? You are required to join this national organization that provides supplemental insurance and a monthly newsletter about senior issues/activities in San Diego County.

The crew leader from your designated crew will contact you soon and will begin sending you e-mails with details about specific gleans. It’s important that you reply to these notices so the crew leader knows how many volunteers will be working at the site.

I signed up for a glean, and now I can’t go. What should I do?

Notify your crew leader.

Why are there not more gleans?

Senior Gleaners relies on donations from residents and growers. After a crop is donated, our coordinators factor Senior Gleaners' ability to staff gleans, parking space and landowner requests to determine how and when gleans will be assigned and scheduled.

You can help increase the volume of gleans by spreading the word to friends, neighbors and family. Download and print our Gleaners brochure.